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>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

Now, a few months ago, google announced that it was going to provide orkut users with scrap updates on their mobiles via sms.. One drawback.. it cost money!
This new method which i saw somewhere (don't remember where) hopes to eliminate the cost involved... All credit goes to the original author..

But how??

Here's how..

This system works on feeds..

Condition: Your scrapbook should not be locked!

1. Go to orkut, open your scrapbook and copy the address from the address bar of your browser.. the link oughta look like this..

2. Now, go to and paste the above link (hey, not literally the above link.. the link you have with you.. i mean.. you're scrapbook's link!) to create a new feed! Now, copy the link of that feed.
(which oughta look like this:

3. Now comes the best part of it all!
If you're an Indian user, you must be aware of an award winning service called MyToday which delivers free content to your mobile via sms. To register for this service, type "REG YourCity" and send it to 09845398453. You will be supplied with a password to access your MyToday account instantly. Go to and sign in with your mobile number as your username and the given password. Then in the Feeds section, go to Manage Feeds->SMS and create a new feed with your desired name (like "my scraps") and paste the orkutfeeds link in the link field. Click "Create"..
Whoa! Your job is over.. now you can get sms updates on your mobile whenever someone scraps you!!

If you're not an Indian user, you may use Yahoo! Alerts at: and in the "Create Alerts" section, enter the OrkutFeeds link..


Shitu May 30, 2008 at 12:23 PM  

thanks for the tip raza


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