Google Launches AdSense for Feeds !!

>> Saturday, August 16, 2008

I noticed a new option in my AdSense account that is AdSense for feeds, a program that displays contextual and placement-targeted ads in FeedBurner feeds. FeedBurner announced in May that AdSense for Feeds will be available to a small number of publishers and now it seems that everyone can use it.

FeedBurner is a Chicago-based company that provides media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Its Web-based tools, including an extensive feed and blog advertising network, help publishers promote, deliver, and monetize their content on the Web and make feed-based content more accessible and manageable for its end users.

Google believes that feed-based content and advertising is a developing space where they can add value for users, advertisers and publishers. FeedBurner's technology and talented team are a great addition to Google's current solutions for advertisers and publishers. Google think there is great value in feed-based advertising. As more and more content emerges on the web, users are looking for an easier way to aggregate that content and create opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences while maintaining a high quality user experience.

The new AdSense for Feeds option lets you create a new ad unit that has a format automatically selected from 468x60 and 300x250. "Generally, the 300x250 size will display when there's more content and when your feed is being viewed in a device with a larger display," explains Google. You can choose if you want image ads, the ad frequency, the position (top or bottom of the post), the colors and a channel that tracks the ad performance.This is how we can activate the adsense set up for the feeds.

Presently, there is no connection between Adsense account and the Feedburner account .Therefore is is need to migrate from FeedBurner to Google Adsense.Google will soon provide a self-service process to migrate from an account on the original FeedBurner Website to a Google Account.

From AdSense, you can easily burn a new feed by entering the address of your blog and providing the Atom or RSS feeds options. The feeds can be managed , but there's no visible change other than the integration with Google Accounts and the new URLs for feeds:

After activating the new feed in the adsense account , google will automatically place the ads for feeds in your blog as soon as the the feeds are added by the Adsense user .
Feel free to share what you feel about this integeration , whether the feed based advertising and the integeration of FeedBurner's technology into Google increase the feed reading or not?
Whether the users will be able to aggregate the contents on the web through feed based advertising or not?
Feel free to share what you feel about this integeration.



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