Tips for Taking Great Baby Pictures

>> Thursday, July 3, 2008

Babies are such beautiful creatures that you want to capture every new movement and every smile that comes along. (Even if that smile is attached to a smelly gas bubble!).

These tips are from Alexis Dawes who is a real mom and working for the parents to portrit their babies in a very efficient way that it looks really great .She also run the website to ease the parents regarding with the photography where she teaches parents how to take better pictures of their little one.

However the problem many parents have is that their lack of good photography skills can translate into pictures that are too dark, too bright, blurred, out of focus, uncentered, and so on.

If so, don't worry. These problems are easily fixable. An album full of mishaps can quickly be transformed by following these 4 tips...

  • When taking pictures of babies lying on their backs, stand directly over them and shoot straight down.

take a solid color baby blanket and place it on the floor in a bright, sun filled room. When you are ready to take a picture , put baby on the blanket, and adjust it around baby, making sure not to put baby directly in the sunlight. Then get on your knees right over baby, aim straight down and snap away.

This technique will allow you to center the camera properly and you'll get some great close-up shots. The natural sunlight will often give you just enough light so your picture isn't too dark or too bright.

  • Capture a range of emotions.

Smiling babies are cute. But so are crying babies and pouting babies and messy babies and sleeping babies.

Be sure to take pictures of your little one in all phases of his or her emotion filled life. You'll be amazed at how truly beautiful they are in non-traditional picture taking situations.

  • Make bath time picture time.

While there are some babies who don't like water, most love it. They often become very expressive in the bath tub - laughing, cooing and splashing. So bath time often becomes a great opportunity to capture a few precious shots of your little one.

  • If you use a disposable camera, choose a good one.

Choice of camera is one of the most important thing for the better photography.If you use a low quality disposable camera then it might discourage you as it can give to very horrible photographs as i used to have .

I learned a good lesson that camera should be of good quality.

Kodak Max HQ disposable camera is a proper choice. It's one of the more pricey disposable cameras. However the quality is fantastic in comparison to other disposables .

You can usually buy them inexpensively on eBay. Popular retailers like Target and Wal-Mart also run sales on them quite frequently.



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